Saturday, 8 October 2011


Today I'm not going to be posting anything really interesting but... I just want to share my week with you. If you don´t care about my nightmare days than don't read this.
As some of you might know I went away for uni and ... what i'll be doing is coming back home on the weekends ( it's about 1h45 of a train ride). 
Nevertheless, universe/faith had to screw everything up: I was supposed to have the first of ALL my classes on friday but on thursday I got really ill and I had a urinary infection so I had to come home (thursday night) and started on antibiotics yesterday... My heart was broken because I couldn't attend my first day of real classes... I was in so much pain but I really wanted to cry because I was going to miss my classes... Anyway I HAD to come home that day because by 3p.m. I was fevering and in so much pain I couldn´t pay attention to anything that was going on...
To top everything, I packed in such a rush that I forgot my phone's charger and my laptop's charger. So sad.
Yeah. It was crap.

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  1. Aww bab sorry to hear about your bad week - mine wasn't too good either! Things can only get better as they say. Stay positive so you can get better!

    1. awww I haven´t blogged in ages and when I saw your comment my heart melted!! thak you sweetie!


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