Sunday, 16 October 2011

Comparing eyeliners (Bourjois and Essence)

Just realised I had a draft of this post so I'll just post it because I have the time !

The first time I thought about doing this post, I thought of doing it as a sort of  "do not buy this" post but in the process of taking pictures I realised it's not that bad... they're just different.

Firstly I bought the Boujois one 

It's a felt tip sort of liquid eyelinner and I was madly in love with it, it's seriously amazing, it's extremelly black and definitly long-lasting

But the tip started to "die" on me so, I thought I'd get another one and at the time I'd just bought my first essence varnish so I decided to try the essence liquid linner 

The thing about this product is: it's perfect for school but not at all for going out. My point being, the colour is not as black, has intense as the Bourjois one and it definitly lasts a lot less!! it sort of rubs out with time and sweat and... I don't really know

These are the swatches. The top one being Bourjois and the bottom one being essence. This pictures don't really translate how much more black and opaque the Bourjois one is, at all!!!

So, there you have it. If you want something more longlasting and intense, out of these two products go for the Bourjois one, if you'd rather something more "soft" go for the essence one !

Thank you for readding!! 

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