Sunday, 1 April 2012

update!!! #3

   Guys I'm so so sorry 'bout not posting anything for sooo long. I'm trully sorry. Blogging is something I honestly enjoy and makes me so happy to see the views !!
   So, the thing is... Uni got the best of me. I was completelly domined by it and it made me have no time or inspiration for writting but with Easter vacation I'm missing it so much!!
   Also, I'm trying to get my driving licence which in Portugal means I have to get classes with this sort of teacher and have an exam when I'm ready. And I suck. Seriuously, I'm a danger and by this time I should be quite good, which I'm just not.
   Anyway, I'm back and I'll post something fashoin-y in a while because I did a bit of shopping lately.

I don't really know if anyone still reads or follows me but... pretty sure I'm back!!

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