Friday, 4 May 2012

April's favourites

This being the first time I'm doing one of these posts, I'll explain what it is: these are the products that I've been using a lot this month. Having lost a good part of my pictures from my trip to the UK, I thought doing this is a good way to turn that around and talk about something else. I have to warn you, though, I probably won't do these every single month because I don't use that much make-up on a regular basis neither do I buy a lot of new products often and that makes it pretty repetitive.

Getting to  business:

The first thing I'll be talking about will be Garnier's BB Cream in light: I've used this product every single day since I bought it and I don't regret it at all!! You're more than likely to have heard about BB creams but if you haven't, they're basically tinted moisturiser that are supposed to work wonders on your skin. If they do or don't do wonders for your skin, I'm not one to talk but in reality I've always had problems with the colours of foundation (I'm not light enough for the lightest and too light for the next colour!!) and this just RESOLVED ALL MY PROBLEMS in that matter. It blends in perfectly to my skin leaving it feeling so soft and velvet-like. It's amazing.

Think I might have blogged about this product before but it's the most amazing mascara I've ever used. Because it has 2 "steps", one for volumizing and one for lenghtening. On a day-to-day basis I use only the first step and it only gives a very subtle darker colour to my lashes (which are too light for my eyebrows) which is just perfect and virtually undetectable.

When I want something a bit more obvious and dramatic I'll apply a few coats of the Maybeline NY One By One mascara on top of the first "step" of the Bourjouis one. The reason for this is that the One By One clumps my lashes terribly and the first step of the Bourjoius that separates and defines them really well. It's an amazing "base coat".

As I stated before, used this khôl express from Maybeline NY (properly sharpened) in the place of my liquid eyeliner. The result is a bit different, a bit more suttle and fades faster but it's a really over-all good result.

Another product that has been posted about before: while I was in the UK I've used this as a blusher/contour every single day and got loads of compliments about it, so am definitely thinking of adopting this look. Usually I don't feel the need to use blusher but this makes a really nice effect between a blusher and a bronzer, really nice for summer.

The 24h Colour Tatoo ( wich was on my UK wishlist ) and I bought it in Liverpool One. The only way I can apply it to my eye-lid is with my ring-finger, because it's so creamy and I don't own any good brushes for that purpose (any advice on what to get??) and that is quite imprecise so it works beautifully as a base for almost any eyeshadow I'll want to make a bit darker or dressier.

Found this at the bottom of my purse and it's a really tinted lipbalm and extremely moisturising and nourishing. Can't stop until I finish it haha!

 I've been reading this book for... seriously ages but this month I've re-found my love for it and been devouring it's story. It's amazingly well-written. If you're a book worm like me then go for it!!


Last but not least, my Godmother gave me this beautiful Pandora bracelet which I couldn't get out of my wrist for the sake of me. It's beautiful and summery and full of emotional valour.

An that's all. It's been a bit of a long post but keep in mind I'll only do another one when something changes dramatically.

Thank you for reading, commenting and following x3

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