Wednesday, 23 May 2012

H&M wish-list

001. If you read my April's favourites post you'll know I'm currently using my Maybeline NY One by One which unfortunately is not working very well for me because it just clumps like crazy. With that on my mind I'm dying to try the H&M one, not only but also because it's so inexpensive. Have you ever tried it?? What did you think??
002. My last eyelash curler just fell apart a few months ago and I havn´t gotten around to replace it but I'm definitely thinking of buying this one to do so.
003. I was in H&M this weekend but was in a rush and couldn't pick up these. While I was at the cashier I also saw that are now in stores these really cute nail polishes for 95cents each and there was this gorgeous colour which I'm thinking about going back to buy. There were also some gorgeous lipglosses (I'm not a massive fan of lip glosses... but they were so pretty!!) at 95cents each. I can't stop thinking about them....

This was a rather small post but if I'd included these in the previous wish-list it'd have been huge and anyways I was hoping to see the glosses and the varnishes on the website so you guys could take a look but I just couldn't find it, most likely because they're fairly new.

Lots of Love   xxxxx

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