Sunday, 6 May 2012

Haul - H&M and Zara

I don´t really know how to start these posts so... I dunno. On Tuesday it was a bank-Holiday in  Portugal so I didn't go in on Monday and stayed at home, so me and my aunt decided to go window shopping in Leiria and I ended up picking up some bits and bobs that I really wanted.

First things are brushes which... i don't know, just sort of woke up one day and thought I needed more brushes, specially because I recently bought the 24h colour tattoo eyeshadow and it's a creamy one and I don't really know how to apply it if not with my finger and that's not precise at all and I always end up putting some other colour on top. So here they are:

I don't really know what to say about brushes but... I bought three: the thing is, one of them was double pointed and I didn't notice until I got home haha. OK, so, they were 2,95 euros each from H&M and I got the first one (top to bottom) for "regular" eyeshadow patting, then a tiny one which is quite stiff so I thought it'd be good for creamy eye shadows but I'm afraid it might be too little to do so. The third one is the double ended one and I bought it for the angled-brush one and then... found out that it had a round stiff one on the other end and I tried it with the cream shadow and it was perfect  so I'm really happy with that. 

Then, I got a dark blue bikini top to go with some bikini tops that I have and a black bikini top to pair with a black loose bottom I have... Although it's not getting any warmer but... I bet after this stupid rain and cold it'll be like 30' C and I'll die of heat.

Oh and I almost forgot, the bikini bottom was 9,95euro from H&M and the top was 12,95euro from Zara.

I went in Zara just for that bikini top which I'd decided to buy the previous time I'd been there but I'd just forgotten about it at the exit of the ... "changing rooms" haha can't remember the proper word sorry!! But then I decided to take a look at the shoes in there and as soon as I saw these I knew I HAD to have them because I've wanted a pair ever since... they started appearing through the Internet. I'd like them to be the smaller size but they just don't do it (oh... my tiny tiny feet...) so I just got the 36.

And I ADORE them!!! And that was I all I bought :) Hope you liked it. I'm actually writing too much on my posts lately so... if you don't want to read that much... sorry about that.

Thank you for reading, commenting and following!! :)
 Lots of Love xxx

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