Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Get ready with me - Happy Mother's Day !!

Hi !!! Today's Mother's Day (although this will go up a few days later... by today I mean Sunday) and we'll be going out for lunch so my mom doesn´t cook and I thought it'd be fun to do one of these posts specially because I've recently found out how to make GIFs and am just having a blast with this !!

Hey :) that's me with no make up on haha the light was really flatering haha. First step: Garnier's BB cream in light (also put my bangs back)

Step 2: Golden cream eyeshadow using H&M brush

Step 3: Colour #3 from the Maybeline NY Quad with the Oriflame eyeshadow brush

Step 4: Maybeline NY Khôl Express both on eyelid and waterline

Step 5: H&M Liquid Eyeliner

Step 6: Bourjois... I can't really read or transcribe that... This product is really old, it was my sister's and I think it's a quite decent illuminator

Steps 7: Maybeline NY Colossal mascara

Step 8: Makeup Forever professional gloss in colour 13

And here's the final look :DD hope you liked it.

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