Sunday, 18 September 2011

Claire's Browns and Nudes Pallete

I feel like raving about this product because it's just what I'd been looking for for ages and ever since I bought it I've been using it almost every single day. It's brilliant!! I was walking throught Claire's lookin for gifts and when  I saw this beauty I knew I HAD to get it!!

Much like anything at Claire's the "stamp" is rubbing off quite quickly, I've only had it for... 1 or 2 months!

The colours are very neutral but all have a little bit of shimmer that makes them special and attractive. The pallete has one row of more light colours and one with darker ones. It's very easy to combine them and it's just perfect for creasing and to combine them in general.

It came with a double applicator which sort of is completely irrelevant because I do load them to apply my eyeshadow.

Must Swatch now :) My swatches are a bit messy so I splatted numbers on top of my pictures :p

As you can see they all look soooo god!!! ( for that matter number 8 looks a bit more brown than the puply colour it's showing).

The end

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  1. They're lovely, great pallete, especially the darker ones!


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