Thursday, 29 September 2011

Bourjois Paris - Compact powder

I bought this as... a powder but the colour (74 Albricot) is REALY wrong for my skin colour so while everyone was getting tanned I was just abusing on this product as a bronzer so I wouldn't look gothy or... dead

The package is absolutly gorgeous with the pink detail ...

It comes with a sponge which is just... horrible to apply the product but nobody cares about that do we? we have our brushes!!

As you can see in the swatch waayyyy too dark for me ( I also use it as an eyeshadow sometimes). It's very matte, not shimmery at all, lovely as a bronzer, great for contouring!

I'm sorry if I'm going insane with the reviews because I'd love to show you some outfits but the thing is... here the summer is just not going away!!!! Until the 8th of October we have temperatures of 31C (about 88F) which is driving me mad because I want cool weather!!!

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  1. I use the same and I really like it!


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