Thursday, 22 September 2011

Huge massive EPIC Haul - Fall 2011

So... as promised here we are!! The thing about me is... I can't deal with portuguese sales because I get to stores and there's a MASSIVE pile of clothing and I just feel like
Therefore what I do is: I make a list of what I want and will need and then hunt the new collection for a few pieces that will make my wordrobe just.. nicer and adapts it to the current year and my current style. 

Here we go!!

 The first thing is from a store called Balvera and it's a Channel Le Crayon Khôl in colour 69 Claire. And I didn't buy this just because it was number 69. Legit. It was on sale so I got it for 13€ which I thought it was quite good for a brand khôl pencil and it's the perfect colour to line my waterline in order to make me look more awake which I'll probably need since I'm on to my first year of uni.

Here's the swatch. It's  almost transparent on my skin but that's what makes it amazing.
As my mom spent a but-load of money on their Dior moistorising they gave us some samples. These are mine.

Next I got this jacket from Naf-Naf (99 -30 =69€ )which was my naughty purchase but... It looks amazing, it's really soft and warm and cosy. I usually buy a coat each year because... I love my coats and when it comes to winter... that's about 70% of what people see so... I tottaly invest on them.

I'd also like to point out it's beautiful detailling... 

On with the rest...

Instantly I fell in love with this scarf. The colour is sooo retro-vintagy I kew I gad to have it. Everuthing in this picture is from H&M. Feel like I should state the reason behind me buying 2 pairs of gloves when it's still September... my hands get SO cold!!
 4pairs of socks - about 3/4€ 
scarf - about 8
2pairs of gloves - 4/5

Big confy knitted shirt - Zara about... 39€? maybe... it seems a lot but I think everything is getting really expensive and... it's knitted and it'll work as a sort of jacket/coat so it's ok :)
jeggings - Unighted Colours of Benneton - they look like jeans but streatch so they feel like leggings! love them so much I'm gonna be living in it! payed about 17€ because I was exchanging this pair of leggings abut originally it was about... 36

Feel like i've been talking wayyyy too much about each piece so am just going to show everything now:

 Zara - 8€ (necklace)

Zara - 20

Zara - 17

H&M - 20

I don't know what more to say really so... hope someone reads and enjoys my haul!!

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  1. Great haul, that jacket was definitely worth a little bit of investment :) and I love all the bits from zara and the H&M dress, gorgeous shape! Good luck with your first year of uni, you'll have a lot of fun!


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