Saturday, 17 September 2011

What's in My Bag??!

Hiii!!! I've reached this point when I simply don't know what to post about... So many ideas and so little will to execute them!! So, here we go! I love whatching "what's in my bag" videos so I thought about doing one in "blog post mode".
 I am also following more and more blogs everyday now and look forward to be part of this beauty-blogging community that seems sooooo incredibly nice !!

This is the bag I'm using right now... the most at least.

It was about 30reduced to 17,50€ in Parfois. I love it SO much!! it's very vintagy and ever since Iboght it I have been using it almost non-stop !! 

Now the fun part! When we open it it looks like this...

It's so tidy!! And the material is quite stiff so it's incredibly easy too keep organised and makes it so easy for me to find anything in it, as long as I know in which "compartiment" I have what I am looking for. Ok so our tou is devided into 3 sections: the ones on the bag. In the first compartiment we haveeee...

Ohhh how boring is that?! Two little purses and my house keys!! The Mango little thing is where I keep all my unnecessary cards such as membership cards that all stores sort of always want to shove down your throat, it came with the perfume "Lady Rebel by Mango" which was a Christmas present. The other brown one is... from Parfois (yes Parfois freak) in which I keep everything I need daily and also my money !! (was about 5€ by the way)

On the middle pocket (the coolest one) I havee....

What must call your attention first is the "Hirudoid" cream which is meant for bruses... I am veryyy clumsy and recently had a pretty big fall so I carry it around to put on my bruises so they can heal faster and I don't look like someone abuses me. Then we have my maxi-sunglasses which I adooore and have had for more than 2years now ( about 130€ on Multiopticas). Next, I have lipbalm and hand-desinfectant: the lipbalm is Avène and has SFP30 (about 2€ in a superdrug) the hand-desinfectant is just... I don't even know. Tissues and a cute blue ruber band which I sometimes have on my wrist but when I wear bracelets I tend to take it off.


Two  notepads and a pen! OMG how boring right?! 

And no, I do not carry make-up around with me because it is SUMMER it's blistering hot outside and I'm too afraid my make-up is going to go bad!!

And that's it. Hope someone reads this and likes it!! 

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