Thursday, 15 September 2011

Maybeline NY Volume Express Turbo Boost Waterproof mascara

Sooo .... Hi Guys??! Nobody really reads me haha!! I've always wanted to do this review because when I bought it I just wanted something cheap and waterproof.

At first sight I really did not think much of it. The wand is really standard and the final result doesn't give me either a lot of volume or length. Even the wand seemed quite ordinary.

 But something I always enjoyed about this mascara was the "natural" effect it has because it really doesn't clump my lashes at all.

  Yes, I have freckles and my eyebrows are terribly uneven...

This is the result with the "Turbo Boost"

One day I decided to combine it with the Maybeline NY "Falsies" because even though I really love this last one I thoght it clumped my lashes a lot... And magic happened!!

It looks soooo much better!! The "Falsies" gives me everything "Turbo Boost" doesn't and for me, these two mascaras combined are almost perfect!! Of course I've tryied using it under other mascaras and until now it's been working wonders for me and my lashes!

If you're on the hunt to try to get less clumpy lashes this is my advice. Just because it works for me, doesn't really mean it will work for you, I warn you... But if you want to trust me...Give it a go!!

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