Saturday, 14 April 2012

H&M Green Street

   So, I bought this a while ago in H&M just because I ADORED the colour. It was perfect and I couldn't find it anywhere else, although I thought that the price was way to much for a varnish (think it was about 3,95 or 2,95euros).

But oh well, the bottle is just absolutely gorgeous (with the golden cap and the pink letters... love it!!) and it applies amazingly!! It's really easy and the brush is actually quite good.

The best thing about it is that it lasts really long. Seriously, about twice as much as other nail varnishes!!

Finally, aside from the name being extremely appealing, its quite good because I get 24mg which means 16ml and that's quite a lot, compared to the 5 or 8 ml ones I usually buy (the essence ones).

This week I've been studying for my test so sorry for not posting as much. Lots of love :) 
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