Sunday, 8 April 2012

Recent Purchase

   I think I should definitely start doing collective hauls because on Wednesday I went to Leiria to shop and I'd had these feather earrings in my mind for a while and on Thursday I succumbed and bought them in my home town... So, I'm thinking, instead of doing individual posts on things I buy just round them up and do some collective hauls because that's basically what's going to happen from now on - I'll buy one or two things every time I go shopping and shop more often. I'm blabbing. sorry.
   Here are the earrings... they stole my heart!! Would you like me to do an outfit of the day using them??

   I'll admit, I'm quite unsure on what kind of outfit I'll be using them but they're so lovely, ethnic and summery I just fell in love with them and because they're bright electric blue the stand out perfectly from my hair colour besides from being extremely comfortable and light (on weight) !!

Thank you so much for reading commenting and following :)

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