Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My hair care routine

   With the grey weather not helping my intentions of doing OOTD posts, I had to get a bit more inventive and thought about doing reviews - which are more of praises - on the products that I use on my hair on a regular basis.
   Meanwhile, my camera started acting out and turns out my memory card 1) was locked and 2) needed to be formatted. Have you ever formatted your mem card?? You should, otherwise you might end up with a problematic situation between your hands!
   Anyhow, my hair care routine is very simple, there are three products I'll be raving about: the La Roche-Posay "green" Kerium shampoo, the Bed Head Dumb Blonde conditioner/reconstructor and the Bed Head Ego Boost split end mender.

    I wash my hair about 2 or 3 times a week with the La Roche-Posay "green" Kerium shampoo, I get it at the pharmacy because I have a scalp condition and throughout the years I've found that this is the best product I can use on it. This shampoo is part of a two-phased treatment, which alternates with other one when my scalp has a breakout.

    Next, while I'm shavin' and all that jazz, I use the Bed Head Dumb Blonde conditioner/ reconstructor. This has changed the health of my hair completely!! Combined with the split-end mender this product has saved my hair and accomplished my dream of having it long!! I'd tried soooo many products you don´t even imagine, but I've found this one and it's simply amazing.
   Although it says "for after highlights, for chemically treated hair" and I have neither highlights nor chemically treated hair, I don't feel that it is too much for my hair, in fact, I can hardly believe it would take very long without it. ( the silver coating of the package has faded ...)

   Finally, on a daily  basis I use the Bed Head Ego Boost split end mender as a serum, in the morning and before going to bed... and whenever I leave home. For my hair length I use about half to one pomp and how does it work? it basically glues your split ends together... it's not permanent but helps your hair from looking dead and ill, making it look a bit healthier.


   On a final note: Both these products were much cheaper than the ones I was using before and, as well as proved much better, they also lasted me very very long, I've had them both since about October 2011 and as you can see by the picts I've barely used half.

Thank you soo much for reading, commenting and following!!  

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