Monday, 30 April 2012

Wish list #1

So... sometime in the last couple weeks I lost my liquid eyeliner and I missed it SO MUCH  I noticed just how much I really used it and I literally cannot live without a black liner anymore!! Used my Kohl one but it really smudged (because it's supposed to be really good on smoky-eye) and I had to sharpen it's tip about... once every 2 days which is just outrageous and a huge waste of my precious time!! In that point I'd like to get two of these : one in black and one in brown

Wish #1 is pretty much justified. Wish #2 isn't really justifiable anyways .... Just saw Zoe's and Louise's video on Shop Louella ( sorry for the overdose of links ) and the idea that I was having before that I own way to little make-up brushes just took a form of their "Smokey-Eye" brush kit because I really just have one eyeshadow, one blending and two face brushes!! That's unbelievable right?? The thing is I find most brushes just too expensive here but five brushes for £22 is such a good deal!! Besides, I don't really know how to apply cream eye shadows unless with my fingers and that's quite imprecise. So, there's wish #2

Last but not least, I've been obsessed about the Jeffrey Campbell boots but I can't justify spending even 50euro (in a look-a-like) in such high heeled boots because lets face it, I'll NOT be wearing them every single day - far from that. But they're really gorgeous and such a strong statement piece... I mean, look at these beauties!!

Hope everyone's having a good day, thank you so much for reading commenting and following!!

Lots of love xxxx

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