Sunday, 1 April 2012

OOTD - March 25th

   As soon as I decided I wanted to start blogging again I knew I wanted to post my current outfit of the day. Nevertheless when I got back home it was dark and thanks to the awfull lighting in my room I wasn't able to take any decent picts.
   Anyhow, I stumbled across some picts of a Sunday trip to Batalha's Monastery and thought I could use some on a post !!

so here we goo <3

Blouse - 22,95 euros - Zara
T-shirt  and cardigan - too old, don´t remember :p
Shoes - about 30 euros in a local shop
Whatch - Parfois (see old post)
Sunglasses - Parfois 17,50euros (on sale)

All there is to say is that I'm back and I'll try to post more often :DD Thank you for readding, commenting and following !!! ^-^


  1. Glad you're back! Great photos and lovely blouse!

  2. lovely outfit - I love the blouse! great blog. :)


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